Why Play Flag Football?

A Safe and Fun Game For Kids!


Jeff Boucher, a coached tackle football for many years says that flag football is a good way to keep kids interested in football and to keep them safe at the same time. Besides being safer than tackle football, flag football has other benefits.Kids can learn about the game and learn body mechanics much faster in flag football than they can in tackle football and at a younger age.

According to Jeff, the aggression lightbulb comes on at different times for different kids. In a group of eight-year-old, for example, only a few of them might be aggressive. The ones who aren’t aggressive may be fearful and resist learning to play tackle football because of fear. Because there’s no fear of getting hit, the kids learn the game more readily; they understand it more quickly.

Also, in flag football, players are not encumbered by equipment. The pads worn in tackle football can affect movement. A helmet may feel awkward or restrict vision. When the only equipment kids wear is a flag belt, and there is no contact, the game is based on athleticism. It takes a super athletic move to de-flag another kid, Jeff added.


As kids get older and more comfortable with aggressive play, they can apply what they’ve learned in flag football to tackle football. In his opinion , when they hit 7th or 8th grade, they pretty much have all arrived if they’re going to. Now, they understand the game, they’ve honed their athletic skills and because of that, they can put a uniform on.


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  1. James Arthur Daley

    Playing football is so much fun and enjoyable and it also makes my child or me discipline.

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