Should kids play football?

A question that must have given those parents headaches is thrown: Should they allow their kids to play football? First point, football is fun, and sometimes fun means eating dirt. That is the trade-off. Without a doubt, football is naturally dangerous, deeply rooted in violence and physical domination such as hitting, tackling, and knocking down your opponent.
Yet, looking back, the harm has seemed manageable for me as kid. Year after year, the sport taught them life lessons, introduced them to communities, and provided them excitement and entertainment.

The bottom line is football is not for everyone, but it was definitely for those who are interested to play on it. Therefore, if the kids ask you, trust your instincts and trust your kid. Let them know the consequences and give them the opportunity to know what they want.

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One Thought to “Should kids play football?”

  1. James Arthur Daley

    It is important to train your kids for playing football because it makes them stronger.

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