Reasons why soccer is essential for kids


Agility, balance, coordination, and speed are closely connected to the development of the central nervous system (CNS) in early childhood. So the simple act of playing the game provides the perfect stimuli to help children to develop these capacities.


Soccer involves a lot running. It’s best for children who haven’t reached puberty, it involves a kind of running they need.Furthermore, it isn’t helping your pre-pubertal child to be a better distance runner anymore than if he/she was playing the game for 10 min. and having a lot more fun.

Jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, and dodging

When your child plays soccer, there are a lot of other players on the field who want to frustrate their efforts to run and play the ball. Consequently, the game demands that kids do a lot of jumping and dodging to evade opponents. It also demands that they hop, skip, and even gallop at times as they change speed and adjust their stride to avoid players and change direction.

Decision making

In the context of a sport such as soccer, it is deciding to pass the ball to a teammate running to open space, or shooting at goal when the goalkeeper is out of position. The game constantly creates fresh cognitive challenges where players must gather information from their physical environment, analyze that information, and then execute an appropriate physical response.


There is a lot of kicking in soccer. And the range of kicking techniques can eventually become remarkably complex as players develop in the sport.

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